Taylor Lifts, in conjuction with the National Lift Tower in Northampton provide a Lift Engineer training course. There are four modules, each taking 4 hours of which 1-2 hours is theory and 2-3 hours practical application. Extended practical time can be allocated for each module, if required. The modules available are:

     * NLT001 - Safety Charter
* NTL002- Wiring Diagrams
* NLT003 - Basics of Electrical Electronics Engineering
* NTL004 - Fault Finding with a meter
Taught modules will simulate real situations, and as such all the correct procedures are
adhered to, including the correct PPE.
The theory element involves a presentation and interactive discussion with the candidates.
The practical sessions involve hands-on training utilising the various lift installations in the lift tower.

Seminar rooms - level 1 and level 2

Training Lift 2 - level 7 through to level 10; 3 floors 1.6m/s VVVF geared traction with Taylor Lifts SMS control system and Gefran drive

Engineers Lift - level 0 through to level 18; 19 floor 2.5m/s VVVF geared traction lift with ILE control system and Fuji drive

Medium Speed Lift - level 11 through to level 16; 5 floor 4.0 m/s VVVF gearless traction lift with Lester Controls control system and Magnetek drive

High Speed Lift - level 1 through to level 17: 11 floor 4.0 m/s VVVF gearless traction lift with Lifteknic control system and CT drive

A test will be carried out at the end of each module to assess the engineers understanding of the content.

All successful engineers on the course will receive a certificate of achievement for each module completed.

All engineers will also be enrolled as members of the National Lift Tower Association. This will give them access to learning materials online at the NLT Association website. A forum will also be made available for feedback and a useful environment for the engineers to discuss issues or engineering challenges that they face every day.

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